We've identified hundreds of millions of dollars in newly discovered claims, and counting.


Payer Eligibility Transfer Recovery Underpayment Pharmacy Reimbursement

Pharmacy Advantage Service:
Pharmacy Reimbursement

Typical pharmacy eligibility searches are not enough to find Medicaid coverage. Medicare Part D contract execution and maintenance is a specialty, and we are experts. Uncover the revenue gaps that pharmacy system software was not designed to address.

Transfer Recovery System:
Medicare Underpayment Recovery

Our Transfer DRG solution automates all of the Medicare inpatient transfer rules, while remaining highly responsive to the dynamic changes in Medicare claim correction procedures. Expedite the fastest cash recovery of Medicare underpayments.

Provider Advantage Service:
Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial

We've identified billions of dollars and recovered actual payments through proprietary algorithms, partnerships, systems and processes that link hospital registration and pharmacy systems to enhance eligibility searches & uncover unidentified government payers.



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